Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beckett is 9 Months

I have said it every month since Beckett was born...time is flying! The clock seems to tick a whole lot faster now that I have a child. Being able to witness his growth has been amazing! I can't believe how much he's changed, especially over the past couple months. He had his 9 month check up today and he weighs 17.4 pounds (5th percentile) and measures 27.5 inches (25th percentile).

Beckett has become quite the mover. He loves standing up and crawling, which leads me to his new favorite pastime: crawling after our obese and grouchy cat, Jack. He seems to tolerate Beckett's crawling. Once Beckett works so hard to get right next to Jack, to finally grab a hold of his prized possession, Jack takes off, and leaves a broken-hearted Beckett behind. We haven't broken the news yet to Jack that this strategy will only work for so long...

Beckett has also become quite the social butterfly, taking after Garrett. He laughs, smiles, and "talks" to any child he sees. He still gives us that great belly laugh...Garrett and I just can't get enough of it!

And taking after mommy (I should be so proud) is his love of food. He has always been such a good eater. He loves almost anything we feed him. His favorites these days are sweet potatoes, bananas, and banana puffs. This boy loves him some puffs!

Here's a slideshow of our 9 month old...


  1. He is such a beautiful boy! We miss you guys! But I'm sure a Florida visit is in our 2011 future! :)

  2. He is growing up too fast! What a great smile!!

  3. He's such a happy, good lookin' boy!

  4. Are you kidding me? Could Beckett be any cuter? I miss you guys so much, and I can't wait until I can cuddle and hug on my nephew some more! You are a beautiful family.