Thursday, March 25, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beckett's Big Trip: Part Two

After our fun time with family in Missouri, Garrett headed back to California for school and we flew to Ohio.  One of my good friends, Heather, was getting married so it was a perfect excuse to come back for a couple of weeks.  We enjoyed Mom's cooking and spending time together each night.  Beckett loved being with his Granny and Grandy while I loved being able to have a first few baby-less nights with friends.  It was even fun to hop into the car for a quick run to Target, without pushing a stroller and hauling a diaper bag in tow.  During our stay there, against my will, Beckett decided to have another growth spurt.  When I got back, I had to sadly put away his newborn clothes.  During his time in Ohio, he started rolling over more, learned to self-soothe to sleep, shared his deep thoughts in long conversations, and found out his hands taste really good.

Beckett met lots of friends and family, including his Great-Great Grandma!  We drove to visit my Great Grandma Betty, who is about to turn 101, and still lives on her own.  She made us a huge delicious lunch, complete with my favorite banana salad and an apple pie.  Wish I could eat lunch at her house everyday.  She also showed us lots of old photos in her photo album.  We came across this one that is a 5 generation photo, where she is the baby:

When we were there, we were able to take our 5 generation photo.  It was pretty amazing that she was connecting 10 generations!!! 

We enjoyed our time in Dayton and look forward to coming back in May for my friend Katie's wedding.