Monday, January 25, 2010

23 Confessions of a New Mom

1. I never knew how much I could unconditionally love til now
2. I love Bourdeaux’s butt paste…it works wonders
3. I use the crib as a hamper…why? He refuses to sleep in it
4. I don’t mind handling baby poop
5. I refer to myself as the “Milk Lady”
6. I pray constantly for God to help my baby sleep and breathe (I have a crazy paranoia of my baby’s airway)
7. I accidentally got baby poop on Beckett’s forehead…don’t ask how
8. I melt, I mean turn into a pool of giddiness, when Beckett smiles at me
9. I’ve learned to do many daily activities with one hand
10. I’ve cried many days out of frustration of a fussy baby
11. I never understood the word selflessness like I do now
12. I never realized how hard this thing called parenting really was
13. Some days I don’t change out of my pajamas
14. I’m amazed at the ways my husband serves us everyday
15. I’m thinking about hiring someone to clean our house
16. I have dust bunnies running rampant all over the floor (see confession #15)
17. I covet those whose families live nearby
18. I appreciate my parents more than I ever have now that I’m starting to realize what they went through for me
19. I’ve become a master at eliminating yellow poop from baby clothes
20. I’ve learned just the perfect combination to get Beckett to sleep: a rhythmic shush in the ear, a tight hold around the feet and bum, a blanket placed over his head, while doing squats and lunges in the bathroom, with the lights off, and the faucet running.
21. I hate picking out something to wear…material just doesn’t hang the same way anymore, if you know what I’m saying (see confession #13)
22. I miss an uninterrupted dinner, cuddling with my husband on the couch, “me” time, running errands easily, date nights, and SLEEP!
23. I praise God daily for the gift He has given us and treasure every second… even the tough ones.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Changes

It's been such a long time since I have blogged and much has changed in our daily lives!  We've gone from living right by the beach, as newlyweds, with almost anything right at our fingertips...restaurants, shopping, beach volleyball, Hollywood, concerts, etc, to moving a a hundred or so miles inland of Manhattan Beach to the Mojave Desert at Edwards Air Force Base.  Garrett changed jobs within the Air Force, moving from working on GPS in LA to working towards his second masters degree in a challenging 1-year program in flight test engineering--Air Force Test Pilot School.  We are far, yes very far, from civilization.  We miss the thrills of city living and the oceanview house, but we are finding some perks of living in the middle of plenty of free parking, having a yard (even though it's mostly gravel), a new house with LOTs of space, no LA traffic (woohoo), living on the same street with lots of fun families, and beautiful desert sunrises-yes, I've witnessed plenty of these lately.

Most importantly, though, our world has been forever changed by the arrival of our sweet baby, Beckett Jack Knowlan  He made his entrance into this world on December 1, 2009.  We are overjoyed by God's amazing blessing!  He blessed us by answering our prayers from day 1 of the pregnancy and we hope to share this story very soon.  We are in love and life will surely never be the same. :)