Sunday, February 22, 2009

10 Random Things

1. Tomorrow Garrett and I leave for a week long trip to San Francisco!

2. I continue to love married life with my amazing husband!

3. I'm missing my Ohioans terribly!

4. This is one of my new favorite CDs: The Fray

5. After many attempts at preparing asparagus and ending up with a stringy/soggy mess, I finally found a recipe that works....Roasted Asparagus.

6. Garrett recently gave his brother, Spencer, his commissioning oath into the U.S. Army making him a 2nd Lieutenant. Spencer and his wife, Lara, will be moving to Germany this Fall! We're so excited for them and for a possible trip to Germany!! :)

7. God has been teaching me lots about His faithfulness while studying Exodus.

8. Scrabble is my new addiction.

9. Frustrated from Jack's constant meowing for food, we caved in and bought him a self-feeder. Life has been a lot quieter but Jack's hiney is now a lot fatter...

10. I learned yesterday not to adjust a burner with your bare hands after turning it on may result, in case you didn't know, in a painful burn.