Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby Pictures

We thought you'd enjoy seeing a couple baby pictures side by side.  Here is one of Garrett at 6 months & Beckett at 3 months. 

Beckett's Big Trip: Part One

This past month was filled with lots of firsts for our little man.  Garrett, Beckett, and I traveled to Missouri on his first airplane ride so that he could meet his Gram and Pa.  Lara and Spencer, his aunt and uncle, were able to make the trip, too!  He was also able to meet his Great Grandma Peterson, Great Grandad, and Great Nana while we were there.  He loved making googly eyes with his pretty Aunt Lara, hanging out with his Uncle Spencer, singing with Gram, and playing "Pony Boy" with Pa.  We really love our family and cherished every second of the visit.  It definitely went way too fast!