Saturday, October 11, 2008

a great fall dinner idea

today i made a delicious fall dinner. johnna had shared this easy recipe with me and i was eager to try it:

-1 can apple pie filling (i used no sugar added but i think regular old sugary pie filling would have been a tad bit better)
-stovetop stuffing-chicken flavor
-pork chops

pour filling into a 9X13 pan. put pork chops on top of filling. prepare stocktop mixture as directed and spread on top of the chops. bake at 350 for 1 hour. yes, it's that easy! and it is SOOOO good!

i made a side of sweet potatoes, rolls, and a spinach salad with apples, nuts, and poppyseed dressing. fantastic!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


let me start this post by saying i have no problem sharing. whether it be sharing a seat with one of my girlfriends when there's no chairs in a lobby, sharing a bag of popcorn with Garrett at the movies, or even with a chocolate chip cookie with my dad....well maybe i went too far on that one. but regardless, like i said, i don't usually struggle with this age-old teaching concept. well that was until last night...

Garrett, Lisa, and I decided to go see a music show. the venue has extremely comfy seating areas and great food so we decided to order a burger and one of our favorite snacks....sweet potato fries. ( have to try them if you haven't) in our seating area, a small group of people joined us. about the time that we were first meeting them, the food arrived. as soon as my plate was in hands reach, i go to grab a fry. imagine my surprise, no shock, when i see a set of unidentified fingers entangled in my sweet potato goodness. looking up, i realize the man seated across from us is reaching to get some fries from MY plate. as he is bringing the handful to his mouth, he asks me, "so what are these?" "sweet potatoe fries," i reply still astonished at what is taking place. and if that isn't enough, the woman on the other side of the couch, stands up, reaches across the table to sample some of my fries for herself as well. "MINE" i want to declare like a two-year old would her cheerios. at the same time, i just wanted to laugh. again, i said i'm all about sharing. but this was weird...just plain weird, right??

you too will come to a point when someone will invade every bit of personal space (maybe even your own plate). will you pass the test?