Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a sweetless month

as many of you know, i have taken a passion to cooking recently. above anything else, my favorite thing to cook is dessert. we're talking cookies, pies, cobblers, cakes, bread pudding....okay...i'm sure you get the point. unfortunately, i was blessed with a sweet tooth like no other. i credit this to my mother, who almost always had a dessert for our family after dinner.

when i make something sweet, it is usually gone by the next day. i would love to blame this on my husband or our roommate Dennis, but alas, i cannot...the culprit is always me. because of this, and unfortunate event of the disappearance of almost an entire batch of oatmeal cookies, i reluctantly said to Garrett, "i think i need to withhold sweets from myself for an entire month." knowing my issue, he agreed that this was a great idea.

later that night it hit me....his birthday is in october!! "wait Garrett...i have to make you a cake for your birthday" he responds appallingly..."i don't need a cake" you don't need CAKE?!? silence....

"wait's Halloween this month too. i love this little snack that i make with candy corn and's delicious!" "Meg! you don't need that either" silence....

so with great pity, i acknowledge that he was right, and yes, october is going to remain sweetless for me. this will be a tough one for many of you know.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

a few photos from Michelle

Michelle, our photographer, posted a few of our wedding photos on her blog:

These two photos I absolutely love because of the beautiful scenery behind us. We saw this amazing tree grazing over the water in the park where we were taking photos. We decided to climb on it to grab some great pics. I had to wobble over to Garrett, hoping I wouldn't fall in the water. You can see the reflection of the water in the first one. It was definitely worth it though. I love how they turned out!