Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Guess what day it is?

So for top two Tuesday today, I thought I would post two of our recent family photos.  These definitely aren't my favorite, though, because Beckett looks less than happy in both.  We're finding it's pretty difficult to get a 4-5 month old to smile AND look at the camera.  Between Garrett's busy schedule and not always having a camera around when we're with others, we rarely get a family photo so we'll take what we can get. :)

This shot was taken after our spouse photo.  All of the spouses of Garrett's Test Pilot class took a photo together that will go in the Test Pilot School, along with every spouse photo since the start of the school.  We got to take it in front of the planes that his class flies, and since our class motto is bunnies, we all wore bunny ears. 

This other one was taken at the poppy fields close to where we live.  They were gorgeous and only bloom like this for a couple of weeks.  It was freezing this day (I know...in the desert!) so we were only able to snap a few shots before poor little B froze.