Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top Two Tuesday

In an attempt to get myself blogging more regularly, I'm going to start Top Two Tuesday and list a top two of any random topic every Tuesday.  Today's topic:

Favorite Websites for Finding a Deal
1) The first one is a tie:  Fat Wallet and Slick Deals
Both websites are great for finding deals among tons of other websites.  From these two sites, I've found tons of great deals and saved lots of money!  My most recent deal was a $130 bench for $25!

2) Baby Steals
My sister-in-law, Erika, mentioned her fondness of this website.  So I checked it out and love it!  Everyday at 9am MST, they list a new deal on a baby product that they sell until sold out.  Sometimes items get sold out in about 10 minutes or so.  I've loved almost every product I've seen listed on the site.