Friday, January 9, 2009

Make This!

You must try this delicious dinner: Bourbon Chicken. (Hold off on the red pepper if you aren't much of a spice fan.) I found it on my favorite recipe website. The cool thing about this website is that you can put a food type in the top toolbar and search recipes for it. Then it will give you all the recipe results and you can sort your results by rating. You will find the highest rated recipe for that food. Bourbon Chicken was the highest rated dish for chicken and had over 1500 ratings saying overall that it was delicous. So of course, I had to try it and you should too!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Next Destination

Today, after a year of praying and lots of waiting, we finally found out that Garrett got accepted into Test Pilot school. I'm so proud of him!! This means we will be moving this December to the desert. I'm excited to see what God has in store for us there. Until then, I will be taking advantage of our beach time here. So...if you want to make a trip out before we leave, book it this year! :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

we're home!

We got home New Year's Eve from an event-filled December! I was so blessed to be at home in Ohio for so long spending much needed time with friends and family. On Christmas, we drove down to Missouri to visit with the rest of our family. Erika, my sister-in-law, told all about our fun together on her blog. We were sad to leave, but we were definitely pumped to get back to the warmer weather and ocean-view. (While we were gone, our neighbors cut down their gigantic tree so now we can see lots of crystal blue waters from our second story la la. :) There are many pictures to come...I just need to upload them.

Since I've been gone for almost a month, I haven't been able to cook at all. On Sunday, I went to town and spent hours in my beloved kitchen making some new recipes: Giada's delicious marinara sauce and her Chicken Ragu. It was delicious, especially over thick, cheesy garlic bread. Definitely sparked a workout the day after. :)

And now if you are up for it.....a story from our first night back home titled Keep Your Doors Closed.

I must start this story to share with you a little dark and stormy (well not really stormy) night a few months ago, I was woken out of a slumber. I thought I heard something so I opened up the bedroom to see what it was. Our bedroom is on the second floor and we had our sliding door open to our porch to get a little breeze. I saw a small furry creature hobbling across the porch and ran back in my room and shut the door in fear of getting killed by the creature. The next morning, Dennis and Garrett laughed at my story because it was "impossible" for something to get on the 2nd story porch.

Well, I'm hear to tell you folks, the mystery was solved on 12/31/08 and this true story proves I was right....and things aren't so impossible.

Anyways, I was sleeping and awoke to a sound again...this time a very identifiable sound....a bell. I thought to what in the world could be making this sound? I left, yet again, to investigate. (Where is my husband in all of these nightly investigations?? Oh yea, sleeping!) This time I opened the door and saw, yet again, a furry creature...this time inside the house and close to our room. I slammed the door shut and screamed! It clicked in my brain! It was a cat...but not ours of course. We went out to investigate and found this cat with a bell on its neck, making a mad dash out the back of our house. (We have another sliding glass door on the other end of our house-second floor-that we keep open too.) We went out to see the cat and it was on the roof next door.

Thus ends our mystery of the furry creature and teaches us an important lesson...keep all doors closed in your house at night, in case you hadn't learned yet.